Solar Thermal

The use of solar thermal collectors can dramatically reduce the annual costs to heat the domestic hot water in your thermal collector

Solar Thermal Heat

Solar Thermal Heating System

A great source of savings for homes already using either baseboard radiant, radiator, or floor mounted hydronic heat.

Grid Tied Solar Panels

Solar Thermal Heating System
For homes that would like to minimize the power they purchase from their current electric provider. Learn more to watch your power meter spin in reverse!

Off-Grid Solar Panels

Looking for complete energy independance? Our solar team will travel to install a complete power solution to your off-grid home or cabin.

High Efficiency Boilers

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Heat only the water you need and save. As a certified BOSCH Installer EnviroEdge offers products for homes of any size.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Giving you the tools

Whether as a stand alone system or combined with Solar Thermal and Solar PV systems, Geothermal Heat Pumps offer consistant heating/cooling for homes in any location.

EnviroEdge provides green solutions for future generations

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Founded in 2008 by Oakes Fletcher, EnviroEdge has grown to specialize in solar thermal, solar electric both grid tied and offgrid, and geothermal systems. As one of Pennsylvania’s most experienced installers, the EnviroEdge team has over 100 years of combined professional experience in both residential and commercial construction.

With a true commitment to providing the highest quality energy contracting, EnviroEdge is proud to help Central Pennsylvania homeowners to reach their individual energy independence goals.