Home Owners

Our Teams analyze your home's energy performance and create strategic energy plans providing a clear path to lowering utility bills, enhancing comfort, and adding to your home's market value. Solar Thermal, Solar Panels, and Wind Turbines make wonderful additions to a home, however our foremost focus in the beginning is to achieve the maximum energy efficiency within the current structure and property. Efficiency is achieved by increasing proper function of heating and cooling units, revamping all appliances, going to the maximum recommended value for insulation throughout the home and much, much more. These tactics are the most cost efficient and a great first step towards a greener and less costly future.

New Construction

Our building division designs and builds ENERGY STAR certified homes. Building a Net Zero Home starts with the planning process of looking at the building of the structure as an entire plan with each section having a symbiotic dependence on the other. Our priorities involve framing the structure to accommodate the highest recommended insulation from the ground up, a focus on efficient light design and installation, precise air flow layout for heating, cooling and proper ventilation. The house is formatted to gain full passive solar possibilities and set up heat and cooling maintenance and retention. Our goal is to use automated state-of-the-art technology within the home as a guide that you can personalize around your lifestyle. Your home can be beautiful, customized, smart and efficient.